Week 7 Discussion Questions

Are we becoming digital narcissists with social media? How do you manage your online identity?

What I believe is that we are what we choose to be on social media. What I mean by this is that if we choose to be what is dubbed a”Social Media whore” in the way of needing to post a status of something via Facebook or posting a tweet via Twitter every hour or need or five-ten minutes. The people I hate especially is those people who post images on social media sites and say “How many likes can I get for this image?” or “Like if you think this image is beatuiful, comment if you want your grandma to die” I believe that those sort of people should not be allowed to be able to use facebook anymore and have those sort of posts removed and taken of Facebook. Then there are other social media users where they are on their soley to communicate with their mates from clsoe by or who are overseas and to communicate in the way as if they would if they were talking to their mates face to face at a pub or cafe or what ever location they were meeting up in.

The way I manage my social media pages is that I soley only use to interacte with my mates as if I would face to face in real life and that I barely put any information that is really personal to me online, even if they do ask for it I just directly do not accept it and refuse straight away. The only time I actually do stuff on social media websites is play a couple of the games that are on Facebook only and just make myself barely known online and then only people that actually see it is those people who are my close mates and people that I have accepted friend requests from.


Week 6 Discussion Questions

Is Creative Commons a good thing or a bad thing?

I believe that Creative Commons is a good thing in the way it allows people to use that music or soundbyte audio for free and don’t have to worry about any copyright infringements. Another thing is that it allows people to be more creative when creating remixes and other music where it gives them a solid foundation and a starting point for what they want to make and remix without any infringements. The last good thing about Creative Commons is that you don’t have to go through a whole lot of copyright people and pay royalties all the time to company and artist when using a popular well known song.

The only downside I can think of when using Creative Commons is that it is a little restrictive in the way some of the sound files that you want to use where it gives you the option of downloading it for free or making a once of payment for the track that if you download the free version of it, it can sometimes have overlayed on the track the site you got it from at random points in the track. This could be very annoying especially if you wanted one small section of the track to use and it has the overlay of someone saying where the track came from.


Week 5 Discussion Questions

Find an example of a poorly made  Wikipedia entry.
Explain why you chose this example, evaluate its information sources.
Compare the entry to what you think is a more reliable source on the topic?

The Wikipedia entry we found that was poorly made is the one we showed in our presentation in class about the batman vandalism.

From the entry for Batman. Saved here. Submitted by Quay.

The reasons why this is a bad post is due to the fact that it is a complete vandalized page that some one had the audacity to edit the whole post and change it to the whole original theme song that everyone knows and not put any reliable and useful information about batman on it.

A better source for information on researching up about batman or looking stuff up on the famous DC Comic’s famous superhero can be found here at this link: http://www.dccomics.com/batman which has the true proper information on it from the original creators of batman and all the stuff Batman has been in and what they are about and what sort media he has been featured in, from comics and movies right through to video games he has been in and what all the stories are about and how they were created.


Week 4 Discussion Question

Is Web 2.0 about user empowerment or user exploitation?

It gives the user(s) more empowerment due to the fact that it allows people to interconnect on a global scale rather than a local platform. It also allows people to collaborate with other users world wide with stuff like social media websites, online game sites and other advance technologies within it like file sharing sites, for instance video, photos, music and other forms of media. It also exploits people more in the way of less privacy, where as a major example of this is Google’s search engine which stores all of your favourite searches and then directs other websites with sidebar advertisements with your most popular searches that you have looked for. A prime example of exploitation on the internet is from a quote by Tim O’Reilly and John Batelle which says “customers… building your business for you,” critics have argued that sites such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are exploiting the “free labour” of user-created content”


Week 3 Discussion Questions

What are some reasons that social networking sites (SNS) fail?

Some of the reasons why social networking sites failed were because that the older sites didn’t want to update and apply the newer technology advancements that were available at the time because they didn’t know how to use them and implement on to their social media site that people were using.

Another reason that social media websites in time failed were due mass media popularity were changing to more new social media websites that offered the more technological advancements and the public grew to it and became more popular than previous social media websites.

Other reasons for social media websites failing is due to official government input into the banning of some websites due to teenage problems such as cyber bullying and explicit content that shouldn’t of been viewed in class at school or at home.

The most important reason that sns fails is because they fail to keep in touch with online social behaviour. This may be due to a lack of strategic direction or because they sell out to big corporations and lose focus in the initial vision of the social networking site.


Week 2 Discussions Question

The impact of social media does affect Dunbar’s theory it only increases the potential amount of people that may be interacted with. Although social media allows you to reach out to people that you wouldn’t normally associate with on a physical basis (assuming social media didn’t exist) it allows an individual to develop new friendship groups and communicate more often with close friends.


Social media has dramatically changed social interactions. For example a news event could be known to the world in a matter of minutes due to social media websites such as twitter. Applications such as Instagram and Snap Chat allow people to visually show what a person is doing via photo or video. The social media generation can be seen taking photos in different situations and instantly sharing it with friends.

With Dunbar’s number changes the potential of people you interact with but it doesnt necesarly define one person’s friendship with another person or people within a group. It also doesn’t define also how popular you are based on a number of friends count on a social media website to determine your own popularity.

Social networking sites tend to make people act the same and different at different times when they are one these sort of sites. If they are just chatting with a close mate that they have known for years they tend act normal as if they were talking to them at a cafe or uni face to face, with normal interactions in they way they type and speak to them. The same goes if they were commenting on a post or status one of their close mates had made on their wall they would act normally.

At the same time though if it was a person that they wouldn’t know personally and just had met them through cyber-space in one of these social media websites they would act differently because the other person can only assume based off their profile and statuses how they would act and talk if they were able to meet them for the first time face to face. An example of this would be if some one was making a profile on a social media website and didn’t attach a photo to their profile and said that they were a male, then you can only assume based off their profile of what their name is and that they say that they are male. I have seen a few different videos of people making fake profiles and luring people in to think what they are and to end up being a fake profile and making the other person feel annoyed, ashamed and pissed-off at the other person who had made the fake profile. Also these sites can also make you have your identity stolen and taken for a ride if you are not careful of what you post on these social networking sites. A prime example of identity theft is in this youtube video link of a Good Day New Mexico Television News Report. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiM5LiXRnj0